The Key 2020 (Channeled Poem) Jason Powers & Marc Love Chemerys

Channeled By: Marc Love Chemerys

There are those who do foresee the possibility of impending catastrophe, but for you and for me, we can see not necessarily. We are each alone on our own separate path toward home. Yet, ultimately, and somewhat paradoxically, we are all in actuality just one. You and I, we are soul; it's in the heart. We have been here right from the start. Though, there are times and sometimes lifetimes when we're apart. Close your eyes to better see. Things are changing constantly. Many futures can possibly be. Imagination is the only key. Dream a dream. See it clearly. Nurture it faithfully. believe in it wholeheartedly. Practice it religiously that it most assuredly will eventually become reality. It will be. It will be. Since time's not real, no need to worry. Why not be patient? We've have all eternity. Nothing ever ceases to be, merely changes form and consistency. Through balance and recycling, It's pure simplicity. After all it's only energy. 

We all have two ways in which we may choose to live. One is positive. The other of course, negative. Often very many people wander through life always on the take, never ever do they give, then they wonder with much strife why they are someone no one ever really wants to be with. Take time to stop and look inside yourself. For an even better view, why not look from outside yourself? You believe in you. I believe in me. We believe in God. It's all the same you see. So whatever it is you do surely comes back to you in true karmatic accuracy.

Nothing can compare to this kind of wealth, having faith in God, as well as in yourself, just believe, understand, and actually know that it is one and you will truly have good health. Through your experiences you will gain proof and discover for yourself that this is the only truth. With your new awareness and sensitivity, you will plainly see freedom, wisdom, and tranquility in many, many forms of pure energy. Light and sound are the vibrations and frequencies of love. Only love, nothing but love. It's what all life and things are made of. Just live it peacefully. Love it gratefully. You found the secret long sought key you see to life. It is. just be happy. Just be.

The Key 2020 (Channeled Poem) Jason Powers