The Relationship Between Negative and Positive Energy

So this is the way I have come to understand the relationship between negative and positive energy. Humans were put on Planet Earth billions of years ago after it was created. Our purpose here on Earth is to be kind, loving, caring, positive, helping, and things of that nature. When we do this we send positive energy back to the source or God, which in turn repays the energy that was used to create Mother Gaia or Earth. When planets are created it takes massive amounts of energy and the energy is pushed down and it has to be repaid back with positive energy to balance things out. So when we humans are focused on being positive it in turn brings negative energy down. So so called Demons, Arcons, or Gins start lose there power. This is why there is so much pain and suffering on Earth, because the dark powerful forces do not want us to be in a positive state and send positive energy to the source. They want to keep humans miserable and in a negative state of mind. They do not want to loose there power by any means necessary. This is why we have disease, disaster, crime, war, and so on here on planet Earth. All you have to do is watch the evening news and see that this goes on daily. So it is a good practice to focus on positive living, meditate, prayer for one another and send positive energy to the Source. Positive can't exist alone; we can't get rid of negativity altogether because there needs to be a balance, you can't have positive without negative or the whole thing would unfold on itself. The Source is love and wants only good for you; so try to remain positive friend!

I got this information from Bob Sanders. You can see it in more detail here:

I send you high vibrations, love and peace.
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