Encouraging Videos


Hey friend, this page consist of videos I made that I feel are very encouraging. This selection of videos could help you thru troubling times. Or they could just give you a boost of High Vibing encouragement. Hope you enjoy. Peace in the highest vibrations.

The Key 2020 (Channeled Poem) Jason Powers

Being a Superhero - Breaking the Chains That Bind You

Fight The Power And Go The Distance | Motivational Video

The Dude On The Moon with Jim Carrey

Secret Ho'oponopono Prayer For Healing - The Powers of Love

Creating Your Dream Life | Harnessing Love & Positive Thoughts

Mooji | A Message to the Whole World

The Blue Bird In Zion by AJ Fortuna | Living in the Matrix

The Key - Channeled Poem

The Keepers Daily Prayer (LIVING FEARLESSLY) Jason Michael Powers

Learning How to Love Yourself | Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D

Living Life Without Fear | Neale Donald Walsch

How To Overcome Fear And Transform Your Life

How to Let Go of Fear in Your Life

Living Fearlessly (Jason Powers & Victoria Walkden) Paramahansa Yogananda

The Truth About Life and Spirituality

Remembering Your Spiritual Freedom | Jason Micheal Powers

The Truth About Your Spiritual Journey

You are Perfect Already by Mooji and Neale Donald Walsch | REVISED 2019

Finding The Real You | Robin Williams - Dr. Wayne Dyer - Alan Watts - Jim Carey

I am God - I am Sovereign - I am Free | Jason Micheal Powers

Inner Child - The Return Of Innocence Transmission | The Powers of Love

How To Be A Mighty Magician | Victoria Walkden

Letting Go | Victoria Walkden and AJ Fortuna

Allow Your Why To Be Your Light | Victoria Walkden

I Will Wait a Thousand Years For You | Victoria Walkden

No Time a Poem by Victoria Walkden

I AM One (Victoria Walkden - Jason Powers - Heather Powers)

The Great Awakening | Music Video by AJ Fortuna

Remember (S​.T​​.A​​.R) Music Video | Heather Powers

Summertime Music Video | Heather Powers

Feel The Force (The Force Awakens) Song by AJ Fortuna

Losing My Fear by AJ Fortuna | LCD Soundsystem

Human Suffering and Consciousness

Dreaming of the Nature Simulation | Mother Earth

How To Connect To Earth And The Universe | Change The Code Of Your Timeline

The Magic River Rock by AJ Fortuna

How To Really Live Your Life | Dr. Wayne Dyer

Powerful Meditation Tools & Techniques (Use This)