Being a Superhero

What does it mean to be a Human Being living on Planet Earth today? Ha-ha that's kind of a loaded question! Well, for me being a Human here on Earth means being a prisoner. Often I feel like being here on Earth feels like a living in a prison sometimes. Mostly because, I feel like there are so many people around me but I feel disconnected from them. Sure I have many very good friends Online, but I have never met them in person! Yes we interact and all. But most of the time I feel a million miles away from them and the rest of the World.

So I remain up stairs here in my flat enslaved by my addictions trapped in my own little reality far apart from other Human Beings here on Planet Earth. This is where I dwell, watching movies until 2:00 in the morning while feeding my bad habits. I stay up until all hours of the night logging on the internet, trolling social media sites. I entertain all kinds of online friendships that give me little satisfaction. I desperately seek likes or even better comments. That one inspiring like or comment gives me temporary self worth. But this is my life.

So basically, life means pain and suffering to me! I see suffering all around the World with all living beings. Animals suffer. Humans suffer. I suffer. You suffer. We all suffer!

I feel like I had a very difficult childhood growing up and I am sure millions of other Human beings can relate with me. I always felt like something wasn't quite right with the World but I always felt like I could figure a way to fix it. I always dreamed that somehow I could find a way to end all the pain and suffering in the World. Like if only I had some kind of Super Human Powers. Something like Jesus, Buddha or Mohammad. But more like Batman and Robin or Superman. I used to love to watch Batman and Robin as a kid in the 70's. I idolized them. I always dreamed of being like them one day! I figured if I could become like Batman and Robin I could really make a difference in the World and change myself. But better yet change other people and make a real impact on society.

This brings me to the present day; for some strange reason, I feel like things are different now. Here in the present moment in the year 2020, I decided that I am going to break free from the trap that I let others put myself in. Or I should say, the Trap that I put myself in! I am going to eat healthy foods and make my mind and body strong! I am going to meditate daily and get out in nature and connect with Mother Earth. I am going to get rid of all the bad addictions in my life. I’m going to log off the internet and get out of my flat. I am going to interact with people in the real world and make friends with other humans. I am going to be kind and loving to other people. I am going to help people. I am going to break free from the Matrix. I am going to break free from the Chains that bind me and become a Superhero! I'm going to do it! Yeah that's it I am going to become the Superhero that I always wanted to be! I will have Super Human Powers! I will be a new man! I will be a new kind of Superhero. I will be my very own Superhero!

I am going to change the world by ending my loneliness, pain and suffering. You may wonder how that is going to change the world. Well, I am going to use this YouTube Channel to set an example so that every single Human Being will be inspired and do the same. I am going to make encouraging videos showing how I changed myself and broke free from the matrix. And people from all walks of life will be inspired and begin to change and we will all become Superheroes together. We will all have Super Human Powers! You see everybody will be set free from this prison here on Planet Earth and this will fix the problems in the World today. We will all break free from the Matrix! We can all do this together friend!

That's it! We are all going to become our very own Superheroes. We are all going to become Superheroes and the World will be a better place to live!

Being a Superhero

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