How I became A Superhero

So you ask me how I became a superhero. Well I will tell you.

I remember many years back when I was just a kid I didn't like. Well, I didn't really like being bullied by other kids, and it happened you know the kids used to bully me and I felt that it was basically demeaning and I felt belittled. And I remember during those times wishing that, you know, a hero would come and save me. And now in this present moment and remembering the pain I felt as a kid, I now realize that was the defining moment, that motivated me to want to get into the superhero line of business.

Well, I guess just to be a Hero in general, you know what I mean?

So basically my whole reason for doing this is to help people you know, I just want to help people and I want to get better at it and I want to be a better person myself. And I want society to be better and things to go more smoothly for everybody and maybe someday everybody finally just get's along and society is like in peace and harmony cause I am tired of turning on the nightly news and seeing all these bad things happening in the world everyday. There is no good news in the world anymore. So I just want to help, you see, and basically I want to get a little bit of recognition someday. But I don't want to win any type of trophy or award or receive any kind of honors. Basically, I want people to notice me for a change and I would just like someday people to remember me, and notice that I was a good person and realize that I made a change to society and the world. That's all!

Well, I guess my typical day, well I get up in the morning and brush my teeth, shave and take a shower and then put put on my Superhero Outfit. This is what gives me all my strength you know. But I always fix myself a nice cup of Mushroom brew and take my vitamins. By doing this, I flush all the toxins out of my system, strengthen my immune system and keep my mind alert. Then I do a few stretches, maybe some push-ups and some sit ups. I try to keep myself in tip top condition. And by the way, I started the Kato diet last month cause as you can see I am a little bit overweight. So very soon I will fit the Superhero persona a little bit better when I loose some weight.

So after all that I head outside and start patrolling the neighborhood. I keep a visual eye on what is happening around the neighborhood. And that usually really entails just making sure that there's peace and harmony and people are getting along and nothing bad is going down. For example, there are a lot of people walking their dogs and I want to make sure that they clean up after their pets. Also, there are a lot of Elderly people in my neighborhood, so I like to keep an eye on them and make sure that they are OK just in case somebody falls down and needs help getting up or something. So basically, I walk around pretty much all day. I just want to make sure that nothing bad happens and there are no bad vibes around and that the kids playing outside are safe and sound. I take a walk threw the forest to make sure the Animals are OK. So I make sure there are no bad vibes around. And sometimes along my way I find a kid playing by themselves who doesn't have a friend to play with. So I make sure they get a companion for a brief moment in time. And by doing so, they may have a better time playing outside than I did as a kid. So yeah I usually walk around til the sun goes down. And then, I think about heading home unless I get some bad vibes and get a feeling that something is afoot, then I stay out longer to make completely sure everybody in my neighborhood is safe and sound and I make sure that there are good vibes all around.

Well, I really don't find this job stressful at all. I really don't look at this as a job cause I love doing it so much and I get such a good feeling from helping people, knowing that I've done something right for a change. And when I think about this whole concept, it just fuels me you see. It fuels me and it really gives me motivation to get out of bed every morning and carry on. It really gives me a purpose in life. And I know that one day it is going to catch on and there will be others like me who follow in my footsteps in every neighborhood across the world. And I know one day I will turn on the evening news and see that there is finally peace and harmony in the world and that people are finally getting along while living in a high vibrational way. And I really believe in my heart this will happen from all my hard work and constant devotion to helping better society and myself.


Being A Superhero

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