Alan Watts | Who are You Really???

"I might ask you, "who are you?" Well you say, "I am Paul Jones" or whatever your name happens to be. I say, "oh no, no, don't give me that stuff, who are you really?" You think, "well of coarse I am just me... no don't give me that, no I don't want to hear all that nonsense, you're playing a trick on me!" I ask you, "really deep down, who are you?" You reply, "well, I don't know!"

Well that's the the thing to find out, that's the thing that has been forgotten, that's the underside of the tapestry; the thing that has been left out. Because what we are carefully taught to ignore is that everyone of us, fundamentally, deep, deep inside (let's put it that way) is an act of, a function of, a performance of, a manifestation of the works; the whole blinking cosmos with all it's galaxies and forever and ever and whatever it is beyond that. What you might call God in the western tradition, or Brahman in Hindu philosophy, or Doa in Chinese; everyone of us is really that, but we are pretending we aren't and we are pretending with tremendous skill and deception." -Alan Watts

-Alan Watts | Who are You Really??? Short Version -