The Red Pill by AJ Fortuna

Hear it is 
Here I am 
Entering your mind and offering you The Red Pill
I have been sent from the Universe to perform its will
Coming to you in this 3rd dimensional Illusion
Overrun by the enemy, evil beings and dark powers all in collusion
Feeding on the Human Race and filling you with fear
But I am bringing you the truth, the word, the spear
Empowering you with knowledge, awakening your consciousness and freeing your mind
Giving you the power to break free from the chains on Spaceship Earth where you walked around blind
The veil has been lifted from your sight
Your third eye is now open and filled with light
The time has come for you to take back your power
I am putting you in your heart center and unfurling your true essence like the blooming of a beautiful spring flower 
Take the Red Pill now and unplug your mind 
Evil forces and dark powers will soon bind
Remember this word when your soul takes flight
Heading this message, eternity will be yours to dance in color, sound, frequencies and vibrations; a virtual kingdom to come of everlasting delight

-AJ Fortuna

A uploaded a brand new video on my personal channel from this poem I wrote yesterday. Here is the new video for: you: