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"The biggest problem on the planet today is fear. That's been a problem for a long time, but it's a huge problem now it's getting bigger every day and the reason that fear is a problem of course is that it effects everything. Every thing we think, say and do all the decisions and choices we make, all of our reactions, all of our responses, every single thing we're experiencing can come from only one of two places. Conversations was God has made that very clear to me were either coming from love or we're coming from fear and my observation is that most people most of the time and myself more than I would like to acknowledge coming from fear. So we have to look at our fears and find out what is fear anyway. What is it all about? What are we afraid of and what impact is it having on the choices and decisions and the creations for which we have made ourselves responsible.

By the way, that's one of the first few fears that there is the fear of being responsible. The fear of placing yourself in a position of responsibility for all that we are creating, so fear is the first aspect of human experiences. As I understand it that we need to work very hard to heal and I might even say to transform you transform fear and you transform the world. Let's take a look at what it is that we're afraid of. First of all, as I observe it, we're afraid of life itself and so much that goes on in life. We're afraid of life because we're afraid of death. Conversations with God says that all fear ultimately is a fear of death. If you're not afraid to die, then you're not afraid to live, but how can you not be afraid to die? Well, you can not be afraid to die if you understand what death is an end result of that understanding, you understand what life is. The wonderful book home with God. The life that never ends explains all this in extraordinary detail. It talks about the moment of our death, the process of death itself, and the reason that we're experiencing life as we are on this planet.

I would suggest that anybody who wants to know more about this particular subject, take a good look at that book. It's very difficult after reading that text to be afraid at any deep level of of dying, and when that fear goes away, as I said, that fear of life disappears as well. We're afraid of nothing in no one because, and there's a very good reason why. See, all fear is based on the idea that we need something. That's what fear is. Really, you want to know what fear is defined. The definition of fear is the thought that we are not going to be able to have something we think we need. It's as Simple as that the person who doesn't need anything has no fear of anything. When I don't need anything from you, I don't. I don't fear you when I don't even need my own life in a sense, when I don't think that I need this particular version of life in this particular physical form, that creates true fearlessness and most spiritual masters reside in that place, a place of utter fear less than this, so when I begin to look at my own fears and begin to feel them and what I have, an idea that my fears are starting to, how do I say this, overcome me, overpower me, almost paralyze me because all of us had been paralyzed by fear at one time or another. Some of us more often than we'd like to admit. When I get into that place, I take a close look at what do I think I need? What is it that I think that I need here? Because that's what it is. Fear is need announced, so I look at what, what am I thinking that I need and is it possible that I really don't need that? Could I get along without it? What would happen if I didn't have that? What would happen if I didn't receive that? What would happen if what I think I needed, I didn't experience or couldn't experience. See there are two ways that fear manifests itself. The idea that I will not get what I need. I'm not going to receive that or the idea that I'm going to lose something that I need. I have it now, but I'm going to lose it, and that's most often presenting itself in human experience as I observe in relationships. It presents itself in other ways as well. We have fears around money, fears around power, fears around health and many other items, but more often than not, almost all the fears that I see people experiencing have to do with relationships of one kind or another, and especially those delicate relationships that we call romantic intertwining.

So the human experience, boy, boy, boy, first I'm afraid that no one's gonna love me. Then I'm afraid if somebody does, I'm going to lose the love and how I solve that when I do, except when I don't, but how I solve that when I do, how I get into a place of what I want to call spiritual health is when I understand who I truly am and that I actually don't need the love of another or any other to experience who I truly am in order to experience serenity, peace, joy, happiness. Every time I think that my joy is obtainable or that I've sourced with my chore, that my joy comes from someplace outside of myself. I get into fear every time I'm clear that the source of my joy does not exist outside of myself, but is given to me from me, by me, my fear disappears and here's the irony of that I then become much more attractive to people and what I was afraid of that people would walk away from me, in fact doesn't happen. The reverse happens. People are attracted to me because all people are attracted to other people who are firm and strong, not arrogant, but aware and reside deep inside of themselves because nobody likes to be needed because if I feel that you need me so much, then my next year will be, I can't give you what you need and that's why I'll lose yuo. You see, so people who present themselves to the world as serene and peaceful and joyful and in innately happy. These are people who say are together. They have it together. These are people who are aware that their happiness, their joy and their peace comes from within. That's a words we hear from every spiritual master. We hear the when all the spiritual books, but that experience is attainable.

We can find it. We can go there, and that's I think, the spiritual journey. That's the path to transformation. That's the movement away from fear. Someone once said to me that there's a great acronym for fear, feeling excited and ready. I love that. I had a great teacher say to me one time years ago, call your fears adventure. What a great thought, so I'd like to maybe leave you with that thought for today. Whatever you're afraid of right now realize a couple of things. One, it's not real. You're making it all up. Two, if the thing that you're afraid would happen actually did happen, you and I would still be here tomorrow. That really wouldn't make no difference at all, unless of course you wouldn't be here tomorrow, in which case had absolutely would make no difference at all.

Three, if you can call your fears adventure, you'll bring in an energy that will heal the fear, the energy of excitement, the energy of being inspired by life itself, because life you see as a process that inform life about life through the process of life itself. If you live your life filled with inspiration and excitement, soon, there's nothing to be afraid of and it becomes a great joy it was always intended to be. That's how I see it. That's what my conversations with God told me about fear. I could be wrong, of course, about all of this. But I don't think so."

- Neale Donald Walsch

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