Losing the Ego the Awakening by Eckhart Tolle - Transcript

Losing the Ego the Awakening by Eckhart Tolle
Transcript by Julius Schaffer

There is no ego apart from thoughts
The thoughts, identification with thoughts, is ego
But the thoughts that go through your mind, of course,
are linked to the collective mind of the culture you live in, humanity as a whole
So, they are not your thoughts as such
You pick them up from the collective, (most of them)
And so, you identify with thinking, and the identification with thinking becomes ego
Which means, simply, you believe in every thought that arises
And you derive your sense of who you are, from what your mind is telling you who you are
Opinions, viewpoints… that’s me
Some people talk to themselves
You are.. ‘Oh, you are so good. Why doesn’t the world recognize you?’
Or the mind says, ‘You are no good.’ Same thing.
‘You are no good at all. You never, you fail at everything. Don’t you?’
Again, and then you believe in it.
And then you suddenly have a low view of yourself.
Why you have a low view?
Because you believed in your thoughts
And why are you thinking those thoughts?
Probably you picked them up somewhere, maybe in childhood
Maybe your mum was so stressed out, that you said, ‘You are no good.’
So you pick up certain thoughts and they get stuck in your head
Thoughts that you hear in childhood
They are little energy forms, like entities
And they get stuck in your head, and don’t refuse to go
And the more you believe in it, the more deeply logged they become in your mind
And so some people are stuck with very hostile entities
I’m saying entity, not in some spooky way
But every thought is an energy form
And as such, we could call it an entity
And there are many people in this world who are stuck with
Hostile, life denying, continuously critical and attacking entities
That they carry in the head
And they believe that is who they are
Are they are continuously attacking themselves
And if they are not attacking themselves, they attack others around them
‘Let me tell you who you are.’
Of course, what they are really saying is, ‘Let me tell you who I am’.
They project… The famous, you know the famous saying,
‘We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.’
Which means you look at reality through the screen of your thinking,
And your judgement, which is conditioned by the past.
A dreadful prison to live in.
It’s like blinkers… worse than blinkers
It’s like looking at reality through heavy veils.
So the identification with thinking,
Believing in your thoughts,
Having no space outside of the movement of thought
Again, here we come to the vital thing
Lack of space, inside
That is the unconscious condition, spiritually, completely unconscious
And then you are burdened with a heavy ego
You are the ego
Which is not an entity apart from thought
It is thoughts that you have identified with
And, the first moment of freedom comes
When you realize that certain thoughts have been going through your head for years, perhaps
And that, they are only thoughts
And that, you are not the thought – you are the awareness
Everybody in life, things in daily life
Things go wrong
You miss, you miss a bus, you get stuck in a traffic jam, or you lose some money
But yes, this is normal
But if you have the thought, ‘Bad things always happen to me’
You are extremely aware of those things
And they confirm to you, that the thought is correct
And this is the selective perception of reality through the screen of thinking
So the reality will confirm to you,
Not only that
That thought, or any thought of that kind actually attracts bad things
Negative things
So freedom comes from stepping out, encountering first of all, a little bit of space inside you – presence
And then, from there you realize certain thoughts as repetitive, and just a thought
‘Bad things always happen to me’
Oh there it goes again
‘Thought that before’
So that’s the, to become free of ego,
Means becoming free of thought,
Identification with thought
That’s the end of the ego
It may reassert itself from time to time
But at least that’s the awakening


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