You are Perfect Already by Mooji and Neale Donald Walsch - Transcript

Transcript By: Julius Schaffer
Video By: AJ Fortuna

I don't have any stock perceptions, you know
I speak somehow as it comes, it comes out like this, you see
I can not define grace
I feel grace is everything
Grace is another name for what we are also
It appears in our experience that somehow grace acts randomly, it appears like this, hmm
That it is like a lottery
Somehow who is going to get the touch of grace
So it is an undefinable thing
Because we are, what I say we are, my way
That we are the forever perfect, hmm
That we are timeless, within which the apparent timeful play has names and forms in its brief dance
Then we are both the experience and the witness of this experience, simultaneously
I see this all the play of grace
At a certain point, I see everything as grace
Everything is this un-asked for benevolence
Delighting in itself, but I can't say what it is
Everything that I feel I speak about, comes out of emptiness, and is emptiness also, hmm
Everything is emptiness
All the words, the senses are empty, mind empty, concepts are empty
Everything is empty
Everything is coming back to space, if you want to say even
Coming back to space, hmm
No clutter, no burden, no claustrophobia, no
Just that unbroken silence
No one keeping it up
When all of these play of thoughts, belief, ideas, seem to have been seen through
That are mere appearances, and just because of belief or interest somehow
They took on a significance that they don't have by themselves
That belief imbued them with
That I saw that it is, ah, there appeared to be an option
To either go in the flow of the apparent pull
Or the invitation to the play with them
Or to remain as the witness of them
And somehow, it seems quite appropriate, beautiful, and spacious, to remain only the witnessing of them
I feel that nothing is lost, except some trouble
And I can call this grace
That something calls you away from the chaos, from the noise
It says take a look here, remain here
I call this grace
In some bodies it says, play on, play on, play on
I call this grace also
Amazing grace
And a way of knowing that we don't have to try and entice anyone towards freedom
It is not my business to try and force ripen anyone towards freedom
We are chiefly called by our own self
There just comes this time
That's your kissed from within yourself
And a certain pull
Out of this touching, you find your whole being is moving in a certain direction, like this

Neale Donald Walsch
The biggest secret of life is that our growth process is complete
In fact, I'll go further
Growth was never necessary to begin with
That you were completely evolved when you came here
That is, at the moment of your birth
You were born in a state of utter perfection
And if you want to see perfection
Perfection personified, as I call it
Just look into the eyes of a baby
You'll see it there
Nothing is wanted, nothing is needed, nothing is missing
Your looking into the face of perfection
Most people don't understand
That they were finished with what they imagined they came here to do
Before they had arrived
That the purpose of life was not to somehow get better
Or grow up
Oh grow up, spiritually
Or to become somehow more than you now are
That the purpose of life, is not to become more than you are
But to be, who you are, and who you were, the moment you arrived
Now the problem is, if we think we are here to become somehow more, than we were when we arrived
That the purpose of life is to evolve into something greater
The problem with that is that we think there is something we have to do, or to be, or to have
That we have to acquire something, somehow or another
More wisdom, more understanding, more clarity
And for that matter, that there are physical things, that we have to acquire as well
In order to be, the fullest expression of who we really are
But the process works exactly in reverse
In fact there is nothing for us to be, or to do, or to have
That we are required to be, do, or have, in order to express who we really are
The process works precisely in reverse
We are not here to acquire anything
But to give everything
We are not here to acquire, but to give
To demonstrate
Life is about demonstration
It is not about evolution
So we have not come here to somehow get stuff
Even to get more wisdom, more clarity, more understanding
None of that
We are here to give
And to demonstrate, the clarity, the understanding, the awareness, the consciousness, that we came in here with
However the culture teaches us exactly the opposite
The culture into which we were born here on this planet teaches us
You know nothing, you've got a lot to learn, you've got a long way to go buddy
Blah, blah, blah
And furthermore, interestingly enough, some of the religious culture actually teaches us
That what we need to learn, what we need to understand, is ultimately ungraspable
That is, it is out of our reach
And what I understood then
Is that, you are perfect, just the way you are right now
Or to put it in simple terms, which is difficult for some people to grasp, or to embrace
You are divine
That is, you are my begotten child
Not just my only begotten son
That you are all my begotten sons and daughters, in whom I am well pleased
And your job is not to somehow get better
Or become more than you are now
But simply to demonstrate
Who you are right now

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