What is this 3rd dimensional reality thing we live in?

What is this 3rd dimensional reality thing we live in?
It’s everything around you the trees, plants, your computer screen, your car, how you interact with your girlfriend, your dog, your friends family, going to school, the beach and work, the party on Friday night. It is the reality system we live in. The 3rd dimensional reality system. The matrix.

A matrix is a reality system. It is the program running that makes you believe you need certain things in life to be happy. It’ the thought that you need to get a degree and make a ton of money to get the big house on the hills. It’s what you think your friends and family thinks about you. It is society and the social structure you live in.

So you go through the system… Kindergarten, grade school, high school, College, and then you go out into the world to make a mark. You work hard at your job, get a big house on the hills, have a family, take your son to soccer practice, pick your daughter up from ballet and soon you become ceo and make a lot of money and make your mark in the world. Then finnaly you retire with false teeth, sitting in a wheelchair with no energy and you have a certain fealing that you have been shafted the whole time.

It is your beliefs, what you think really need to acquire in life, what you pray for, the church you go to and the god you worship. It is a belief system. Why you volunteer at the local food bank to help the homeless. Or work for green peace. Or go out and protest for that certain cause.

So you want to break free from the matrix???? So there is something that you desire to do in life that goes against the natural grain of society that does not break the law and you are passionate about but you friends and family don’t believe you should do it. Then that what you need to do to break free from the matrix.

So you want to go to Tibet and wander the wilderness and write a book and live off the land and maybe work here and there to get by and help people out along the way. Then do that. It’s OK. You don’t want to get a degree and work for the firm and have three kids. Follow your passion and break free from the matrix. Live your life the way you want to live your life not the way society tells you. Let go be free break from the third dimensional reality system, break from the matrix.