Saving The Human Race - Alien Contact

ALIEN: Greetings my name is Mia 12 of Arcturus.

MY LINE: Wow, what are you?

ALIEN: I am an Arcturian from the M45 District of in the 5th Dimension and from the Planet Arcturus.

MY LINE: What are you doing here?

ALIEN: The Arcturian High Council of Elders Ra has bean informed by HRH Alenym 1st of Temmer That the Human Race is not being treated fairly by the Galactic Council which governs the entire Universe. And I am here to help inform the Human Race so they may wake from their sleep.

MY LINE: Wow, I have known this since 2012 and I have been trying to tell others since then but many think I am just crazy.

ALIEN: Yes that is why I have specifically chosen you to help spread the word along with many others.

MY LINE: Wow I am honored!

ALIEN: Let me fill you in on what you may not know…. The deceit flows down from the council in levels of Military ranking to Planet Earth. Many Council members have fractured their consciousness and incarnated on Earth and are living in two worlds simultaneously. Part of their consciousness is living in a being on another planet while living as a Human Being on Earth and retaining their entire memory. These corrupt Council members have infiltrated the Earths Government and plan to create a Universal Government on Earth. I will download the document The “Secret Covenant” which details their evil plan to your mind now and you can tell everyone to search Duck Duck Go for it.

MY LINE: Wow Mind Blowing!

So now you see that this document lays out their plan to control the Human Race. But there is more to it. A Dome surrounds Planet Earth so your Planet is cut off from the rest of the Universe. The only way out is expire the body on Earth and enter the afterlife. But their trickery goes deeper. Souls are tricked to incarnate back on Earth and many have been trapped and had thousands of incarnations over millions of years. The Galactic Council is allowing this to go on your Planet. They are supposed to be for ethical treatment of all beings in the Universe but darkness has entered the council for some time now. Most drastically about 200 years Earth Time has this deceit grown really bad. The Galactic Council is made up of Rankings much like your Military so many working for them are unaware of the deceit and believe they are doing a righteous thing. The Council claims Humans have chosen to incarnate for the experience of pain and suffering on Earth so it is of their Free Will to do so. But they have secretly created a trap for beings to keep reincarnating back to Earth and never allowed to break out of the Matrix.

MY LINE: What can we do about it!

ALIEN: Do not fear because HRH Alenym 1st of Temmer is Leading the Teygetans of Teygeta to help free the Human Race. Many truly righteous beings from other Planets have chosen to incarnate on Earth. And many other Races are leaving the Galactic Council and beginning to join the Alcyone Council in an effort to Help Restore Peace and Harmony back on Planet Earth. Life on Earth was not intended to be the way it currently is with all its pain and suffering. But we can assure the Human Race that the Alcyone Counsel in conjunction with the Millions of Star Seeds currently living on Earth will overthrow the tyranny that has beset the entire Planet Earth and Human Race!

MY LINE: How can I be of assistance to you?

ALIEN: Your duty should you accept it, is to spread the word and help wake up your fellow sleeping Humans. They need to know what is really going on so they will not be led down the trap any longer. Your job is to take them down the Rabbit Hole so that they see the light on the other side!

MY LINE: With a grateful heart, I fully accept my duty!

ALIEN: Until the next time we meet, this is Mia 12 of Arcturus signing off.


  1. Hi, is there any way to see your Alan Watts videos on Youtube or any other channel? I noticed that they are gone.


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