We Need To Talk - I Have Something To Tell You | AJ Fortuna

What’s up, What’s up just in my studio slash bedroom. This is where I make my music and YouTube videos. I just wanted to make this video today to talk about my YouTube channel. I don’t want to sound like I am desperate or anything. I have a day job and I don’t do YouTube for a living. But it would be nice to make some money doing this. I don’t want to get into the details but on my personal YouTube channel AJ Fortuna you tube has disabled my account from putting adds on videos. So that is why I am involved with a partner on another channel called Mind – The Middle Way. It is not my channel but I make videos for it. There are many Alan Watts videos, guided meditations, spiritual videos and meditation tracks. It would be so cool if you subscribed to the channel ( https://www.youtube.com/mind444 ) and help get the ball rolling there. Just to note I love making spiritual videos and its OK if I never make any money doing it, but it would be really nice one day. One love peace in the highest vibration!

Here is the Vlog on this - Vlog #27 - We Need To Talk https://youtu.be/zCp6pVaVhuQ?list=PLta7j9iHz24k_6JFDeGS5ii8odRcTbWAi

In this Video I used a track called: The Beach Boys - Don´t Worry Baby - (Agosto Cover) -

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