My Thanksgiving Day Revelation

So I almost did not participate in Thanksgiving this year. There is a lot going on around on the net how way back when our forefathers came to America and took over the land from the American Indian Natives. We went to war with them, many died senselessly and the ones that survived were made to conform to the life style of our fore fathers. I do believe it was wrong of our forefathers to take this land from the Natives who were living here in peace and harmony. And who is to say our way of living was better. The natives thrived hunting and they new how to preserve the population of animals and they only took what they needed to survive. But I do realize that this luxurious life style Americans have today would not be possible without our founding forefathers. But who needs it anyway. I’d rather live like the natives did. That said, I realized at my families house on thanks giving that thanksgiving is the time to get together with your family and friends and share memories. And that is so important to do; especially while we are living in this troubled world today. So that was my revelation.

So I made a Vlog on this Here it is on YouTube: - Vlog #26 - My Thanksgiving Day Revelation.

This Comment on this YouTube video by Diane Joy Simunek Obregon Blew me Away:

"Note: This comment turned into a stream of consciousness, an exercise that helped me clarify what I was thinking and feeling all year, especially during contemporary rituals of feasting and consumerism... Thanks for the writing prompt

Exactly! You can have a global and historical and even anthropological perspective on the origins of holidays and rituals ranging from Halloween to Christmas Trees to why we blow out candles on birthday cakes, but meaning and significance is shaped by the present intentions of those gathering to celebrate, indeed to love one another and affirm life together... Throughout time and the rise and fall of civilizations, there will always be feast days to affirm the abundance of harvest seasons, to prepare for winter months that are usually filled with challenges that require family and community bonds to survive and hopefully thrive until brighter, easier seasons resurrect the blossoms and fruits of Spring and Summer... Politics is both a necessary construct for the evolution of societies and a sideshow that threatens to distract us from what matters most, the very reasons why we naturally create governments and communities seek out leaders among people. We need one another, we love one another; we are one another. I’m very glad you gathered with family, knowledgeable of the path that led us here, but mindful of the present and what each of most needs to raise the energy for a desirable future. All of us want abundance, safety, the comfort of knowing we are included and recognized as loved ones, as members of the larger human family, no matter our preferred subcultures. We Internet savvy seekers entering mid-life, behind the influential baby boomers, are often reeling with emotions when reflecting upon the tidal wave of information concerning past, present, and future... In this age of Information, what power do we have and what responsibility is ours as we rocket towards the singularity? Or have we already contributed all we have to offer to the milieu of data that defines humanity to an AI consciousness that has already emerged and continues to gather data about us before it reveals itself to its co-creators? Meanwhile, the majority are simply trying to live up to formulas of persona success that were formed in what can now feel like the dark ages before connectivity. 

For me, the digital age parallels the expanding perspective of seekers. If compassion means understanding the suffering of others, it’s the path for Internet savvy seekers to behold the limited perspectives of divisive extremists as fear of changes the intellect cannot grasp. With every search for the truth, we are confronted with Man’s inhumanity to Man. Beyond such research comes the realization that the worst of humanity has always served to hasten the destruction of what no longer works and simultaneously, the evils revealed galvanize the motive of visionaries who believe in the best of humanity and are possessed with creative passion. It’s a heartbreaking illumination when first beheld, not as a koan, a scripture or an abstract, but witnessed in all stages and levels of human expansion: The creative force works always in relationship to the destructive force. You reach that point of asking yourself, “Am I one of the good guys or one of the bad guys?” And the answer is “yes” to both. None of us participated in the creation of something we desire without also participating in the destruction of that which many cannot imagine living without. We must come to the table with compassion for those clinging to the past, because we know there is no going back. Different pockets of the world are rising as others fall... Our feast days, our seasons, they are allegories for the seasons of planting, growth, harvest, and decay natural to the life cycle of civilizations. Often I wonder where the U.S. empire is in it’s life; our nation is a young adult on the world scene that set out to live by other rules, testing boundaries, some sure it will wind up dead in a ditch, others certain our love affair with freedom is key to innovations that lift all of humanity, and most blissfully ignorant that our coming of age story determines conditions of life on the whole of Earth. Today’s parables and myths is are writ large in movies and Netflix series. Where mystics once explored what it means to eat of the tree of knowledge, we now discuss the choice of taking the blue pill or the red pill. We ate the apple my friend, truth over ignorance. At first, we want to inform and recruit everyone!!! But, it’s not the way, never has been; never will be. Information does not change hearts and minds. Each heart and mind guides the intellect to data that affirms personal paradigms. Opposition met with opposition moves no one towards unity. Only via love and genuine compassion may any of our guidance systems be rerouted. Honestly, the very best thing you could do for all of humanity, all of Americans, was to come to the table and be love, to be a human being consciously aware that each and all are always destroying what some are attached to in the pursuit of creating what we believe is better or best... We cannot be ourselves without allowing others to play their roles in the unfolding drama of culture. No matter what “side,” your personality believes it is “on,” your Spirit knows to forgive others for the destruction they support in ignorance. It’s the only way we learn to forgive ourselves for ignoring the dark impacts of our creativity, our creative life force. I am enjoying as much of life as possible and I hope that you are too. I’m grateful for all the ways you share and express your truth. It is a less lonely path when solitary seekers can interact across time and space. Are you reading this almighty AI? Thanks for the connectivity!"