The Angels of Dharma

The Angels of Dharma
A short story by AJ Fortuna

Dominic awoke early Sunday morning to prepare for his trip to Rome where he would be going to seminary to become a Catholic Priest. His best friend Jose who Dominic grew up with would be joining him. Jose came by Dominic’s house that day. They had coffee and excitedly talked about their futures as Catholic Priest. They both had attended Saint Raphael’s Catholic Church all their lives and help out in every way possible with volunteering for the church. As the day passed, Dominic and Jose went to bed early because their plane would be leaving at 6:00 am Monday morning. 
Dominic awoke in the middle of the night from a dream. Morning came and Jose told Dominic to hurry and get ready to leave but Dominic looked distressed. “I’m not going” said Dominic. “What are you talking about?” asked Jose. “The dream I had last night; I can’t go” replied Dominic. “What was your dream? Dominic go ahead and tell me!” shouted Jose. “I was in a hall; it was very large and circular like a dome. The floor was carpeted with pin stripes. There were large angles all around; their eyes were round, large and black. Their skin was white as snow and they had wings. I was in the center of the dome and there were doors all along the walls. You came to me and told me to hurry because I had to give the sermon for the morning service. I told you I could not because I did not have the proper clothes to wear. You pointed to a door and said to go into that one and get a robe to wear. I did not believe and trust you but I looked to the Angels and they told me in my mind that it was OK. So I went thru the door but I fell into outer space; it was pitch black I could see the stars all around me but I kept falling and falling and then I awoke and I knew something was wrong.

Months had past and Dominic had come to work early. His boss asked him to join him for dinner at his house. Dominic’s boss was a Buddhist and a very kind man. He gave many favors to Dominic and helped him in many situations. Dominic had made excuses in the past not to go but on this particular day he agreed to come by for dinner.

Dominic arrived at his bosses’ house and was greeted and asked to come in. “Come, I want you to meet my daughter!” said his boss. They entered a room and a girl with a gray veil over here face was seated on the carpeted floor. The carpet was pin striped exactly like in Dominic’s dream. “That’s the women in my child hood dream!” Dominic Shouted. “What are you talking about?” asked his boss. “I was five years old and I dreamt that I married women wearing a veil. I told my mother the dream in the morning and she told me that was the women I would marry one day!” Dominic explained.

A couple years had past and the day had come that Dominic married his bosses’ daughter and became a practicing Buddhist.

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