I’m a Human Being Too! – Reaching Out to the Homeless

Being homeless is one of the hardest experiences a person can be forced to endure. In many instances, people end up in these sad straights through little fault of their own; instead they end up homeless as a result of circumstance far beyond their control (such as the recent financial and housing crisis, which has certainly increased the incidence of homelessness in America.)

That’s why ‘I’m a Human Being’ was formed – it is our mission to remind the general populace that homeless people truly are human beings; they have hopes, dreams, and desires the same as everyone else. They aren’t just nameless numbers; they have the same capacity to feel as everyone else, and simply don’t deserve to be treated as sub-human, as far too many people often do.

‘I’m a Human Being’ works directly with the homeless, to alleviate some of their most immediate and pressing concerns. For many homeless, they are often unable to obtain regular meals, and certainly are not very safe or secure. So the charity works with homeless people to help them secure adequate, regular housing that is safe and secure, as well as nutritious food.

Visit the ‘I’m a Human Being’ Facebook page to help them make a difference in the lives of the homeless.

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